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Obituary for Judith Anne "Judy" Watts

Yesterday we lost a very special person in our family it still feels surreal, you went peacefully with us by your side and are no longer in pain. You had 74 years plus 3 days in this world, none of us ever thought this would be your time, but it was and that's okay. I'm going to miss you so much, I'll miss your 5 minute voice mails or making sure when you called I had an hour to spare and the long thoughtful text messages, I don't have anyone to compete with anymore for who talks the most. I used to get so embarrassed as a kid when you'd stop to talk to everyone anywhere we went just to make a funny joke or say hi, but in reality we need more of that in our world and I'll never take those memories for granted. We'll still make sure we use your Nana jokes as I'm sure if you were here right now you'd be making one, you were making us laugh right up to the end and I'll never forget that. You left this world with 2 beautiful daughters and 4 spectacular grandchildren (as i know you would call us) ;) and become a great Nana. As you said you've lived life the fullest you got to travel and see the world, you always made sure we knew how much you loved us, and we will never forget the mark you left on our lives.

We love you forever and always Nana, see ya later alligator. ❤❤